A Poem from Ed Rosenthal

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We are lucky to celebrate many creative types in the Historic Core. We have visual artists, authors, musicians – you name it. Ed Rosenthal, one of the Historic Core’s local poets (among other things), wrote the following:

Independence Day by Ed Rosenthal

Dedicated to HDBID

I saw him do things the old ways
A contract agreed in single seat car
The Basement inspected in the dark
Demolitions before the closing day

Things you whisper of in memory
Of the action before authorities
Lifted an eye lid in a failed inquiry
But he still will do what he wills

Claiming they had naught to share
His partner rode a boat down stairs
But not for the future was he cast
He sought icons of history past

Here In this corridor of the moon
As if by magic as if made in dark
Things appear like mushrooms
Surprising startled lights of day.

Dressed in dirty pants and shoes
Coyotes of the core take clues
From loons flying over the moon.

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