December 2020 COVID Update: What You Need To Know

On November 30th, 2020, the LA Department of Public Health announced the following guidelines for a new Safer At Home Order. These orders are effective starting Monday, November 30th, and will remain in effect through December 20, 2020.

In the new Order already in effect, residents are advised to stay home as much as possible and always wear a face-covering over their nose and mouth when they are outside their household and around others.

Safety modifications in the official order include the following changes:

  • Leaving Home: Individuals must stay home, except to travel to and from essential businesses, to work at or provide services to a healthcare operation or essential business/infrastructure, to engage in Essential Activities, or to participate in permitted individual or household outdoor and indoor activity while practicing required social distancing, infection control, and masking. Sector protocols detail specific operating directives.
  • Permitted Retail and Businesses: Individuals are also permitted to work at or procure the following:
    Indoor facilities (masking, distancing, infection control required)
  • Essential retail businesses at 35% max occupancy
  • Non- essential retail businesses at 20% max occupancy (includes indoor malls); distancing, infection control, and masking are required
  • Personal Care services at 20% max occupancy; distancing, infection control, and masking are required
  • Restaurants, bars, breweries, and wineries are closed for in-person dining/drinking as customers are unmasked most of their visit; these sites are open for pick-up and delivery. Breweries and wineries are open for retail at 20% max occupancy.
  • Closed non-essential businesses/activities:
    Non-essential office-based businesses (minimum basic operations permitted)
  • Playgrounds (exception for playgrounds at childcare and schools)
  • Cardrooms
  • Bars, clubs, lounges
  • Theatres, spectator performances/sporting events/events, bowling alleys, arcades
  • Curfew: Curfew requirements mirror the State HOO requiring that all gatherings with members of other households and all activities conducted outside the residence with members of other households cease between 10PM – 5AM, except for essential activities and those activities required by law. People experiencing homelessness are not subject to this curfew. Any number of persons from the same household may leave their residence if they do not engage in any interaction with individuals from other households.


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