The L.A. Barber College Needs Your Help!

A while back we introduced you to the young hopeful barbers from the L.A. Barber College. They were struggling in January, so they set up a GoFundMe, but since the COVID19 Pandemic began in March their funds have been massively depleted.

Jose and Blanca Polanco, along with administrator Michelle Matthews, have dedicated nearly 15 years to the school. Currently, their 5,000 students have no idea if their school will survive the pandemic. The school additionally gives back to the community by donating haircuts. Their programming is a success and they’re an essential part of our Historic Core community and DTLA.

You can help today by sharing their story, or if you can donate here.

Check out the story NBC4 recently published and meet the talented alumni here.

LA Barber College DTLA

LA Barber College DTLA

LA Barber College DTLA

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